Noel Quinn – Head Professional

Noel will be offering individual as well as group lessons, from elite to beginner.

Why take up Golf?

  • Golf is a game that you will enjoy for many years to come
  • Golf will help you reach those New Year health targets, burning around 1,200 to 1,500 calories per round
  • Golf will contribute greatly to your social life, with the Golf Club becoming a significant hub for you and your friends
  • Golf will help relieve the stress of your day-to-day life
  • Golf is a sport with specific skills, a sport in which you will compete against yourself
  • Golf is also a sport which will allow you to compete against players with better or worse skills, through a fair handicap system

The GC Quad – To help you with your game

The GC Quad is the most accurate and informative launch monitor available today. It helps you understand exactly what causes your ball flight.

Together with Noel’s support, the GC Quad will help you understand and improve your golf swing. It will also help you improve the way you strike the ball. All the data provided will help Noel identify key parts of your swing to work on.

Once you are comfortable with reading the data, you will be able to hire out the Quad and work in the nets on your ball strike, angle of attack, club path, club face angle… You will be able to download the App (type “Performance fitting”, for tablets only…) and record all the data onto it.

You will be able to record data for each specific club.

Chartridge Park is a Swing DNA Fitting Centre. The data collected during fittings, will help Noel identify the right shaft and club head to suit your swing. For More information

Because it is easy to use and move around, Noel will be able to take the Quad in the nets, on the teaching area or on the course for  playing lessons.

GC Quad on Course
QC Quad

Pro Shop

Our Pro Shop and reception are available as you enter the Clubhouse. We offer a range of Club Glenmuir Clothing, Titleist Balls & Golf Accessories.

  • FJ Shoes
  • Towels
  • Titleist and Mizuno Balls
  • FJ and Mizuno Gloves
  • Tees
  • FJ Hats
  • Club Jumpers
  • Club Shirts
  • Mizuno Clubs
  • Golf Pride Grips

Get custom fitted with the new  Mizuno Clubs and we also offer club fixing and re-gripping services available at request.

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