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Following the latest announcement made Tuesday evening, we have been formally informed that to stay open, the Club needs to implement and enforce further rules:

  • Face masks MUST be worn in public areas like the shop and the bar (unless seating at a table)
  • We MUST display the new NHS QR Code for Track and Trace
  • We MUST provide Table Service for food and drinks, no queueing at the bar.

In order to respect the “Table Service only” rule, we will need to review the ordering process:

    • Connect to the Free CPGC-Guest Wifi
    • Scan the QR code on the table to see the menu (using your phone camera, go over the QR code without taking a picture and open the link coming up. If your phone isn’t scanning, go to your camera settings and enable QR scan or “Smart Content Detection”)
    • Scan the Whatsapp QR code to tell us what you need (please make your name and table number available). We will reply to your message if we need further details. This only needs to be done once, you can pick up the chat from a previous visit every time you order. We will only use WHATSAPP as the communication tool.
    • Your message will reach the bar person on the club’s mobile phone, wherever he is in the clubhouse.
    • If Members do not have enough credit on their card, it will slow the whole process down, please make sure your account is topped up, you can easily check via the app.
    • All these instructions are also on each table. Please download WHATSAPP. You can already enter the bar-ordering number in your phone: 07487 768407

While we implement this new system, we will need to have additional staff, especially on days when food is available. Although it will be an extra cost to the club, we will not review our rates at the moment and see how the system works at a later date. Going into the winter, with shorter days, we will try and make it work with the current structure.

We wish to apologise to those for whom this system will not work because they are not up to date with the technology. We also respectfully ask that our Members and Guests be understanding and patient while we get used to these new restrictions and implement this new way of providing the service. From what we are told, this system will be in place for the best part of 6 months.

Please remember that we are forced to implement these new restrictions to keep Staff, Members and Guests safe. If you feel frustrated with this whole scheme, please do not use the staff to express this frustration. Please remember that we are affected more than anyone, having to wear a face mask throughout the day to fulfil our obligations. Believe us when we say it is not fun at all to any of us either.

The whole team looks forward to welcoming you into the clubhouse soon and delivering all your food and drinks to your table… Thank you in anticipation for your support and patience.

Kind Regards

Eric and the Team

We have had to input a procedure to allow us to open up the bar. Please read and follow the instructions when entering the bar. DOWNLOAD

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