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Every new initiative brings its share of challenges. The internet booking project is just the same. Since its launch some 3 weeks ago, I have noticed the same questions being asked regularly, so let me share the answers with everyone:

=> My log in does not work: Make sure you use the internet booking log-in, not the log-in to the website. I am afraid they are totally different, operated by different system. The internet booking connects directly to the booking system, live. The email received was from “Golf-Leisure On-Line Bookings”. If you have lost it, please let me know and I can reset it for you.

=> When I make a booking, my partner’s name does not come up: please let me know when this happens, it could be that this Member has not been set up to be seen by all Members. Once informed, I can correct it easily.

=> How can I cancel a booking: On the day of the booking, you won’t be able to cancel. But the days prior, go to My Account, Booking History, and you will see the booking in question. BE CAREFUL, IF YOU CANCEL THE BOOKING, YOU WILL CANCEL THE WHOLE BOOKING, NOT JUST YOUR NAME

In “My Account”, you can change your log in details to something you can remember more easily (Add Custom log in). Also, you can update all your details on our file: Phone number, address, DOB, email address. Do note that these are the details used for the diary, renewal letter… The communication through the website are different.

Booking a Match: When you book a singles match online, please let me know so that I block the other 2 spaces in the tee time, hence making sure that nobody add their names to your Match.

Booking other Members with you: when you book a slot for your and other Members, click the number of players you wish to book for (including you). The next screen will show your name and 3 other slots if you have chosen 4 players. If one of them is a guest, click on the tab. For other Members,, please type the 1st 4 letters of the name and you will see the name appear, just select it. Sometimes, it has been noticed that names do not appear because of an error in the set up. Please let me know and I can fix that quite easily. Do note that you need to book other Members at the time of your booking. It won’t let you add names afterwards, unless you delete the whole booking and start again.

Adding details on the website, like phone numbers: For the website, it seems that there is a lack of space to publish phone numbers. The developer has suggested that members use the “About Bio” area to enter the home or mobile number (or both). This will allow Members to see all the other details and get in touch.

Please keep letting me know when you face issues with either the website or the internet booking. I am not aware of all the problems you face, since I don’t use either facilities the same way you do, so I do not tend to face the same issues.

I thank you in advance for all your help


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2 Comments on “Internet Bookings and Website”

  1. Why can’t we get competition results anymore? Am I doing something wrong? Don’t answer that!!!

    1. Hi Tony,

      Once you are logged into the members area if you look at the right hand side there is a column and the third one down says competitions. If you click on that then all the past competition results come up.


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